Should you get adjusted after a car accident?

Pain after a car accident is a good indication of an injury. If there\’s any chance that severe or life threatening injuries are involved, you should first go to an emergency room to rule those out. Even if you\’re experiencing no pain, it\’s still a good idea to see a chiropractor after your car accident.

The last thing anyone needs is to be in an automobile accident. Adding a car accident to the list of life\’s other everyday difficulties only adds to the stress and the number of things to consider. Additionally, vehicle accident injuries may put additional burden on your life by requiring you to miss work or even prevent you from performing some duties. Where to go for injury treatment after a car accident is one of the main queries. Following a vehicle accident, consider getting a chiropractic adjustment when and why you should:



After a serious auto accident, the majority of individuals will consent to visit the hospital, and for good reason. Receiving emergency medical attention is crucial whenever there is a risk of internal bleeding or a head injury.


The majority of individuals, however, are unaware that even small auto accidents can result in soft tissue injuries, which, if left untreated, can develop into chronic arthritic conditions. Any time your body is jolted in response to a collision, there is a chance that you could sustain an injury. This is because when a vehicle doesn\’t fully absorb the shock of the accident, the occupants do. It\’s a myth that only collisions with great impact result in accidents. In actuality, even minor collisions like fender benders can result in injuries, and more than half of all whiplash injuries happen in collisions where the car suffered little to no damage. By seeking medical assistance, injuries can only be ruled out.




After a car accident, pain is a reliable sign of an injury. In order to rule out any possibility of serious or life-threatening injuries, you should first visit an emergency room.


It\’s still a good idea to visit a chiropractor after a vehicle accident, even if you\’re not in pain. Many injuries sustained in vehicle accidents don\’t become painful or uncomfortable for several weeks or months. If that period of time has gone and you have still not sought care, you might be giving up the chance to having your injuries covered by insurance. The best advice is to play it safe and see a chiropractor within two weeks of your vehicle accident in order to preserve both your health and your pocketbook.




While visiting a hospital or your primary care doctor is an excellent strategy to safeguard your insurance rights, accidents nevertheless happen all the time. Visiting a chiropractor should be your next move if the hospital determines that you don\’t have any significant or life-threatening injuries but you\’re still in discomfort. Hospitals are excellent at spotting severe or life-threatening wounds, fractures, broken bones, concussions, and all of the more blatant indicators of injury following an accident. However, it can\’t harm to get a second opinion if you leave the hospital with a clean bill of health despite the fact that you\’re still in agony.


If you\’ve been in a car accident, you need to be examined by a medical professional who is experienced in treating car accident injuries. Injury from a car collision may go undetected for months or even years, only to manifest as pain or restricted movement. Chiropractic professionals are trained to find these concealed injuries. They can conduct orthopedic and neurological testing to evaluate soft tissue damage, structural damage, muscle strength, range of motion, joint function, and nerve function—injuries that other medical professionals could miss, despite their best efforts.


If any injuries are discovered during this evaluation, your chiropractor will develop a treatment plan that is unique to you and your particular injuries. A schedule of chiropractic adjustments, as well as occasionally deep tissue massages or trigger point therapy, may be part of this care plan. Your spine\’s health as well as the health of the muscles and tissue around it will be restored by your chiropractor using these chiropractic adjustments. Herniated discs, subluxations, strained tissues, and other conditions are possible after a car accident; a series of adjustments can straighten these problems out and restore your mobility and pain-free state.


Contact Harmony Clinic right away if you\’ve just been in a car accident and are thinking about getting a chiropractic examination or adjustment. Our combined experience enables us to treat vehicle accident injuries as well as the accompanying neck pain, headaches, muscular stiffness, numbness and tingling, back pain, and other symptoms.


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