Herniated/Bulging Disc Injuries

Are you suffering from back pain after an auto accident injury? You may have a disc injury that needs corrective care in order to heal. At Harmony Clinic, we have years of experience treating and relieving back pain after auto accident injuries. Even mild auto accidents can cause enough sudden force to injure your spine or disrupt the alignment of your vertebrae and discs.

Learn how we identify bulging disc and herniated disc injuries, what these injuries do to your body during a car accident, and why our chiropractic treatments are a great way to heal your spine and relieve your pain.

How Auto Accidents Cause Bulging & Herniated Discs

First, it’s important to understand what a bugling or herniated disc actually is. Your spine contains a complex network of vertebrae, which are aligned vertically and separated by vertebrael discs that absorb force and prevent painful friction. During an auto accident, your body doesn’t anticipate the sudden force, so it doesn’t have time to stabilize your back and prevent the veterbrae from slipping out of proper alignment.

Because of the physical stress that occurs during a sudden collision, one or more discs may move out of place. When a disc bulges out of place, the surrounding veterbrae are subject to painful forces and friction, while nearby nerve roots experience pain and pressure due to leaking spinal fluid and the herniated disc itself. These injuries can occur anywhere on the spine, from the neck to the upper and lower back, but they’re most common in the lower back. Our goal is reverse the hernia and put the disc back where it belongs, relieving pain and pressure on the nerves and vertebrae.

Bulging Disc Injuries for the Deltona, Florida Communities

So, how do we use chiropractic care to treat this disc injury? Our Deltona, Florida auto accident chiropractors, start by giving every patient a thorough physical assessment. His goal is figure out the precise location and severity of your slipped or herniated disc, in order to customize a treatment plan that is right for your particular body and lifestyle. We use a variety of techniques to reduce inflammation, restore alignment, relieve pain, and correct the auto accident injury. Your herniated disc or slipped disc treatment plan may include the following services:
  • Chiropractic Adjustments – Spinal manipulations are the most common treatment option for bulging and herniated discs, because they allow us to put strategic, localized pressure on your spine in order to manipulate it back into the proper position. Our chiropractor will manipulate your spine gently but forcefully, to realign the vertebrae and allow the disc to go back into place.
  • Electric Stimulation Therapy – Our chiropractors may use a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) to send electrical currents below your skin and into your soft tissue, where they stimulate nerves to relieve pain and reduce pressure
  • Spinal Decompression – This chiropractic technique relieves pressure on the nerve roots in the back, eliminating back pain and allowing the body to heal after a disc injury or other auto accident injury
  • Massage Therapy – If you have muscle tension or tightness as a result of your auto accident injury, you may need soft tissue stimulation to help your body heal
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