Leg Pain

Car accidents affect the body in countless ways, causing unique trauma that varies from patient to patient. Whiplash is one of the most common auto accident injuries, but if the muscles and joints in your spine are damaged in a car accident, neck pain is rarely the only side effect. Leg pain, including knee pain, foot pain, and shin pain, is another common symptom of car accident injuries, including whiplash and many other injuries. For example, sudden braking can strain or sprain the soft tissue in your foot or leg, while rear-end collisions may forcefully push the knee or leg into the dashboard.

At Harmony Clinic, our chiropractor knows how important it is to treat leg pain at its source, especially after a traumatic and sudden injury. We always act quickly to prevent long-term complications, and we encourage you to do the same. If your symptoms include leg pain after a car accident, don’t wait any longer to find a solution. Our Deltona, Florida chiropractors, use the latest technology to diagnose and treat each injury, starting with passive therapies that require no movement or manipulation of your body parts. If your injury needs more intensive rehabilitation after your body is stabilized and your pain is managed, we may progress to active therapies that involve muscle movement and strengthening.

Our chiropractors know that every collision, patient, and symptom is unique. At Harmony Clinic, our chiropractic adjustments and other holistic treatment methods are always personalized to fit your individual symptoms.


Common Causes of Car Accident Related Leg Pain in the Surrounding Communities of Deltona, Florida

Your legs contain a complex network of nerves, connective tissue, and joints, which normally work together to keep you functional, flexible and pain-free. If you’re experiencing leg pain after a car accident, you may have sustained injuries that prevent your body from healing correctly, resulting in recurring pain and inflammation. These injuries may include hitting the dashboard suddenly, braking too hard and fast, spinal injuries that pinch or damage a relevant nerve, and a variety of other accidents. At Harmony Clinic, our chiropractor have years of experience providing pain relief after car accidents. Instead of managing your symptoms to temporarily relieve your pain, we work to get to the bottom of your injury. Here are some of the most common car accident-related injuries and conditions that cause our patients leg pain:
  • Soft Tissue Injury – The muscles, ligaments, or tendons in your leg may be torn or ruptured, which is especially painful if the damage occurs in your knee, ankle, hip, or another important joint
  • Herniated Disc – If a spinal disc was forced out of place during the collision, spinal fluid may be leaking and putting pressure on a sensitive nerve that affects your leg sensations
  • Sciatica – Your sciatic nerve runs from your lower spine down each thigh, and slight spinal misalignment or inflammation may pinch or put pressure on the nerve, causing symptoms that range from numbness and tingling to excruciating, shooting pain down one leg

Treatments for Auto Accident Injuries from Our Deltona, Florida Chiropractor

Your overall wellness and health always come first at Harmony Clinic. Instead of covering up the most visible consequences of your car accident injury, our goal is to diagnose the root causes and make sure any inflammation or misalignment is corrected. Your chiropractic treatment plan will depend on your lifestyle, body, and specific auto accident injury. However, most patients receive one or more of the following chiropractic treatments for leg pain:
  • Chiropractic Adjustments – Is your leg pain caused by a herniated disc or misaligned spine? Our Deltona, Florida chiropractor will use manual, strategic force to manipulate your spine back into the proper alignment, preventing future pressure and pinching while restoring support to your lower limbs
  • Electric Stimulation – Our chiropractor uses strategic electric pulses to stimulate your tissue and promote blood flow for faster healing Ultrasound Therapy – Ultrasound waves actually vibrate your soft tissue to prevent scarring and encourage healing
  • Vibration Plate Core Exercises – These therapeutic exercises require a special plate that vibrates and stimulates your muscles as you tone them Strengthening Exercises and Bands – Leg or back muscles may be weaker after recovering from a car accident injury, so we’ll help you regain mobility and strength with tension bands and toning exercises
  • Massage Therapy – Sometimes, tense or inflamed muscles respond well to soft tissue massage, which stimulates blood flow and encourages the leg to heal
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