Everything to Know About Rapid Testing For COVID-19

As everyone adjusts to the new normal, getting tested for Covid-19 has become a requirement and a necessity in other places. Generally, it\’s a reliable way to minimize the risk of Covid-19. If you\’re looking for rapid covid testing deltona, you might want to know which test is right for you and how it works. If you want something that offers quick results, you might be interested in the \”rapid tests.\” Thus, this article covers everything you need to know about rapid testing for Covid-19.

What is Rapid Covid-19 Testing?

Covid-19 rapid tests are referred to as such because they can produce results in as little as 15 minutes. They are also referred to as rapid antigen tests because they determine whether your body has produced proteins that confirm the presence of Covid-19. A swab is used to collect mucus from the nose or throat, which is then tested.

However, this test is only reliable if you\’re tested at the peak of infection. Otherwise, it\’s common to encounter false negatives, especially if you\’re not experiencing any symptoms. Besides the antigen test, there are also the following types of tests:

  • PCR test. This also uses a swab of mucus taken from the nose or throat. The sample is then sent to the lab, where the results take several days to come back. Rapid PCR tests are also available, but not readily so.
  • Antibody test. Unlike the PCR and antigen tests, the antibody test uses a blood test to determine if a person previously had the virus. That\’s because when a person has the virus, they produce antibodies to combat the infection.

Who Should Get a Rapid Covid-19 Test?

Rapid tests are being widely marketed, and they are popular because they provide quick confirmation of whether a person is infected with Covid-19. If you are planning to get rapid Covid testing Deltona, you can get results in 15 minutes.

But since they are not reliable, they are usually only recommended if you\’re in the early stages of Covid-19. At this point, you may be experiencing symptoms like dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, fever, body aches, plus other Covid-19 symptoms.

On the other hand, the antigen test might not be the best option if you are not showing any symptoms. In fact, if you\’re required to receive a Covid-19 test when traveling or returning to work, school, or before surgery, you\’ll have to take the PCR test because it\’s more accurate.

Now that you know all about the rapid test, you can make an informed decision. If the test sounds right for you, you\’ll be pleased to know we offer rapid Covid testing Deltona location, so give us a call!



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