After an Auto-Accident: The Dos and Don\’ts


Many people are ignorant of the important dos and don\’ts after a car accident. Auto-accidents cause a lot of people in Florida injuries and money/property loss. Everyone hopes that they do not encounter a car accident. But, to be on the safe side, you should be prepared. If you know what to do (or not to do) after a road collision, then you have better chances protecting your health and finances.

Everything you do post-accident will be analyzed by the insurance company and any involved police force. One mistake could cost you a lot -– literally. Remember that the insurance company will do anything to reduce the settlement, so you should be extra careful.

So, what should you do after an auto accident?

1. Do Make the Right Phone Calls

Your health is vital, so the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. An auto injury chiropractor is the best person to treat post-crash injuries. Visit an auto injury clinic and let a chiropractor assess your health to avoid long-term symptoms. Furthermore, chiropractors treat many injuries and aches. Car accident doctors also handle chronic pain, vertigo, headaches, and other auto injuries.

Next, contact the police. A police report is essential because it narrates the accident in detail and prevents a change of story in the future. It is also good to gather evidence via pictures and videos. Also, keep the information honest and never let anyone stop you from contacting the police.

You should also contact your family members/friends, your attorney, and the insurance company.

2. DON\’T Self-Incriminate

There are several ways you can inculpate yourself after an auto accident. One, by admitting fault to the other party or insurance company. You could be shocked by the whole incident, leading you not to see some factors only the police can notice. Admitting fault can be used against you. Do not disclose info or overshare with the party, as they could also use this to win the case.

Another thing not to do is flee the scene or moving your vehicle. You are only supposed to move your car if it is affecting traffic. Otherwise, wait until the police instruct you to leave the scene. Lastly, do not sign anything or accept settlements from your insurance company without consulting an attorney.

3. DO Have MedPay and UIM

These policies are there to ensure you are protected from offenders with minimum coverage. As a result, you are protected from large bills, disability bills, and lost income during injury. These policies can also cover your visit to the chiropractor, medical tests, and prescriptions. Many people have suffered post-accident losses just because they lacked the right coverage.

Health Comes First

Have you been involved in a car accident in Florida and need medical attention? Get in touch with Deltona\’s finest auto injury chiropractors now! At Harmony Clinic, you will find medical and chiropractic experts who have helped many people recover from post-accident injuries.

Always remember that your health comes first after an auto accident. You may suffer physical, mental, and traumatic effects if you ignore medical help.

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