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Were you involved in a a car accident? Are you having pain from an auto Injury? With our integrated expert doctors’ help, you can get to the root of your pain and get back to doing what you love quicker and easier.

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Neck Pain From Auto Accident?

Whether a low impact collision or high impact collision, car accidents hurt and can cause a wide range of injuries. Common car accident injuries include whiplash, disc herniation, bulging disc, sciatica and concussion and much more. Even if you don’t think you’ve incurred an injury after a car accident, it’s advised to be evaluated by a car accident chiropractor just to be cleared. 

Whiplash occurs frequently due to sudden acceleration-deceleration of a vehicle. The rapid forward and backward movement of the head and neck damages the soft tissues and bone structures. Whiplash often results in neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and even back pain.

The forces of a car accident can throw the spinal joints out of alignment and cause a herniated or bulging disc. With a herniated disc, the inner gel of the disc leaks out and irritates the sciatic nerve and can result in sciatica pain. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can present with dizziness, headaches and memory problems. This often occurs when the head is thrown into the side windows or frame of the vehicle during the collision. It’s important to note that a concussion isn’t always readily apparent. That’s why it’s so critical to see our car accident chiropractor in Debary, Florida right after you’ve been in a car accident.

During car accidents, especially car accidents at high speeds, the occupants of the vehicle jerk forward and backward. When this happens, the neck and vertebrae of the spine can become misaligned, resulting in whiplash, disc injury and subluxations. After a car accident, victims may experience the following symptoms:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back
  • Numbness or tingling in the extremities
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Memory trouble

Services Offered at Harmony Clinic Care for Car Accident Injuries

At Harmony Clinic in Debary, Florida, our chiropractor uses the following techniques to treat car accident injuries:

  • Spinal adjustment. Spinal adjustment is a technique that chiropractors use to put the vertebrae of the spine back into alignment. This technique is the cornerstone of chiropractic care. Chiropractors use spinal adjustment to improve communication between the brain and the rest of the body, thus improving the functionality of the body and speeding the healing process. Spinal adjustment helps patients find relief from pain while also reducing pressure on the joints in the back.
  • Spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is a technique that chiropractors use to create negative pressure around the discs of the spine. Spinal decompression is a 100% non-invasive method for treating herniated discs.
  • Physical rehabilitation. Chiropractors use physical rehabilitation techniques like stretches and exercises to improve patient mobility and strengthen muscles that have become damaged and weak. These stretches and exercises have the added benefit of being something that patients can work on at home, to speed up the healing process.
  • Massage therapy. Massage therapy helps soothe tight and injured muscles. By loosening muscles and improving blood flow to injured areas, massage therapy helps patients recover more quickly from injuries, and can also help patient feel more comfortable during the recovery process. Massage therapy also improves patient mobility, which can make it easier to perform stretches and exercises.
  • Lifestyle advice. Lifestyle advice helps patients avoid activities and behaviors that can exacerbate physical injury.
  • Nutrition advice. Chiropractors teach patients how to eat right and get the nutrition they need to stay healthy after their recovery is complete.

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At Harmony Clinic, we help patients from Debary, Florida recover from auto accident injuries. Our skilled auto accident chiropractor and staff can help you recover from your accident. For more information or to make an appointment, contact our office at (386) 774-6337. We’ll help you on the road to wellness. 

Your Car Accident Chiropractor in Debary, Florida
Massage therapy is an ideal complementary treatment for car accident injuries, especially soft tissue injuries. Its kneading movements increases circulation to the affected area to accelerate healing. In addition, massage therapy helps reduce inflammation and muscle spasm. Physiotherapy may include stretching and strengthen exercise, cold laser therapy or ultrasound. Both cold laser therapy and ultrasound work on a cellular level to reduce inflammation and pain.

Auto Accident Chiropractor

Here at Harmony Clinic, we can help you recover from your car accident injury. When experiencing a car accident injury, you may feel pain and notice a significant loss in your flexibility either right away or several hours later. Our chiropractors can evaluate your injuries and devise a treatment plan that will lower your pain and restore your range of motion.

Our chiropractor in Debary, Florida treats musculoskeletal injuries after car accidents. Musculoskeletal injuries are injuries of the soft tissues, including your muscles and ligaments and joints. It is important to understand that even if you do not have any visible injuries, you may still have severe car accident injuries. Some of these injuries include:

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After treatment is provided, we typically co-treat with Medical Specialists such as Neurologists, Orthopedists, Pain Management Specialists and Physical Therapists.

Common Car Accident Injuries Symptoms

Common car accident injury symptoms include pain, inflammation or swelling, bruising and loss of flexibility. Your exact symptoms will depend on your injury.

Herniated Discs

Car accidents can place a tremendous force on your back, which can cause the discs to slip out of place. Symptoms of a herniated disc include back pain and stiffness or loss of flexibility in the back.

Knee, Wrist and Hip Injuries

During the accident, it is common for certain extremity joints to be impacted by various parts of the interior of your car. Symptoms of extremity joint injuries include pain, loss of flexibility and swelling or bruising.


Sciatica can occur in result of a car accident. This ailment is a compression of the sciatic nerve, which causes lower back pain and numbness and tingling in the legs.


Whiplash is a severe car accident neck injury that affects the cervical vertebrae, muscles and ligaments. It causes neck stiffness, loss of range of motion and headaches. Some individuals can even experience shoulder and arm pain.

Treatment with our Auto Accident Chiropractor in Debary, Florida

Treatment for your car accident injuries start with a comprehensive initial consultation with our Auto Accident Chiropractor in Debary, Florida. During your appointment, our chiropractor will examine you and ask about your pain and symptoms in order to determine a personalized treatment approach for you.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments help reduce pain and inflammation in order to decrease your recovery time. They also ensure your vertebrae and extremity joints are aligned and able to function correctly.

Targeted Exercises and Stretches

As you heal, our chiropractor may recommend certain exercises and stretches that will build strength in injured muscles and improve your flexibility.

Continuing Wellness Care

Once your injuries are healed, our auto accident chiropractor may recommend chiropractic wellness appointments, which are designed to address any new pain or stiffness you may be feeling. These appointments are designed to catch new injuries early and prevent future injuries.


Concussions are mild, but serious, traumatic brain injuries wherein the head and brain shake quickly back and forth from a whiplash-type injury; result in an altered state and potential unconsciousness.


Contact Our Auto Accident Chiropractor

At Harmony Clinic, we help patients from Debary, Florida recover from auto accident injuries. Our skilled auto accident chiropractor and staff can help you recover from your accident. For more information or to make an appointment, contact our office at (386) 774-6337. We’ll help you on the road to wellness.

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